Monday, February 16, 2009

Outlook for the week

I think this should be a pretty good week, aside from today where getting another year older just sucks. The good news is that my wife should be bringing home chicken for dinner which mean a) I get chicken for dinner and b) I don't have to cook.

I am planning on working on my current project, full steam ahead, until I blow a head gasket and sputter to a stop.

I also expect to hear back, good or bad, from about four markets this week. I am right in their average response time or well beyond. If this year is like last year this will be a dry period with March getting drier (I only heard back from one market last March, my inbox was incredibly quiet)

In case you aren't signed up with Michael Knost for his newsletter (He is an editor at Shroud as well as a good guy) he has a book coming out with articles written by some of the biggest names in horror. It looks pretty interesting. More information here.

Now, go forth and conquer the English language (Or butcher it as I am prone to do) but enjoy it either way.

P.S. I am serious, if anyone wants my recipe for Brownie Pudding just flit me an e-mail at jeyberg74 @ gmail (dot) com. All I have to do is paste it into a reply for you.

UPDATE: just sold a story, Beneath the Willows, to Bards and Sages for their October issue. Maybe this day won't suck too much after all.


Cate Gardner said...

Outlook for the week: very bright indeed.

Happy Birthday and CONGRATULATIONS.

Jamie Eyberg said...

here I was dreading today. Thanks Cate.

Jameson T. Caine said...

Congrats on the acceptance and happy birthday! Maybe that birthday mojo will rub off on me come Wednesday.

K.C. Shaw said...

Happy birthday! What a great gift, selling a story!

I like Bards & Sages. I sent them a (frankly horrible) story not too long ago, and they sent back a very nice critique with their rejection.

Jamie Eyberg said...

Jameson- I hope you get an acceptance on your b-day as well. It was a great gift (my wife will have a hell of a time upping that one) I don't think you want my mojo most of the time.

K.C.- I am curious to see what else they have in there. This was one of my fantasy attempts. No horror in it at all.

Rob Brooks said...

Congrats on the sale. seems like a pretty good start to the week. Better than starting with a no.

Danielle Birch said...

Sounds like its shaping up to be a good week. Congratulations, happy birthday and I hope you enjoyed the chicken dinner.

Jamie Eyberg said...

Rob- that is for sure

Danielle- KFC hasn't let me down yet. I will let you know if he doesn't though.

Aaron Polson said...

Hooray for the sale and the birthday. Enjoy both!

BT said...

Happy birthday, buddy.

And congrats on the sale.

KFC - yum!

Fox Lee said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Huzzah, and better you than me (regarding the chicken) ; )

Jeremy D Brooks said...

OK, I haven't read CoP all week and I've been dieting since Tuesday, and now I'm all hungry! Dam-bit!

Happy birthday Jamie!