Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Live to write, not so much this weekend though

I think I managed to spend about an hour in front of the computer this weekend, maybe a little more, but it was mostly to catch up on blogs and the news and had nothing to do with writing. I managed to get a ton of things done around the house (I almost said 'stuff' there, but then I thought of Aaron and didn't want to turn him off from reading this immediately). Besides, do you really need an excuse to use a chainsaw? I don't know if this week will be any better. I might try to get a couple of hundred words down before the boy wakes up. If he gets up early enough I might head to the Durham Museum in Omaha because they have an awesome train exhibit, complete with real trains.

The rest of the week is choppy, especially with Thursday being the last day of school for my six year old. I think she has a t-ball game that day as well.

I haven't heard from an editor in weeks now, despite having 11 stories out in submission land and 5 of them have been out for longer than 100 days. One just hit the 500 day mark. When combined with my recent idleness at the keyboard this could be a long summer. Especially since my next story to be published isn't scheduled until August. *sigh* Anyway, these books aren't going to write themselves, not without my help anyway, so I will see you later. Have a good one.


K.C. Shaw said...

Trains! Trainstrainstrainstrains! Can I go? :)

I dunno, I'm not a huge train fan but suddenly that seems like the coolest thing ever.

Unknown said...

it will be a productive summer for you! and for myself! (trying the positive thinking thing here. i feel its working).

Aaron Polson said...

I'm a bit nervous about the summer as well. I don't write as much when I have more free time.

Speaking of chainsaws...I had fun with mine this weekend, too. Not sure the trees enjoyed their pruning, but they can't complain.

Cate Gardner said...

Your post reminded me of the old train exhibition Liverpool Museum used to have, and now I'm wondering if it's still there. My nephew and niece would love it.

Fox Lee said...

"Anyway, these books aren't going to write themselves..."

Well, not with that attitude they won't ; )

Unknown said...

I'm still planning on winning the lottery, so all your worry about writing is for naught.

Jamie Eyberg said...

K.C.- It is a very cool museum, actually the old train station built in the art deco style.

Samantha- I like the power of positive thinking.

Aaron- Chainsaws are fun aren't they.

Cate- I hope so, that sounds like fun as well.

Nat- I think all of us need to get together and have a big ol' drunken pow-wow to get over this creative funk.

Ann- I love my wife! She takes care of me.

Danielle Birch said...

Here's hoping you get some good answers soon. I have 5 out there at the moment that I'm waiting on impatiently. We're coming up to winter here and I'm very much looking forward to that as strangely, I prefer it to summer.