Wednesday, July 8, 2009

WIP Wednesday

It is Wednesday, already. My back is completely out and my daughter is going on a sleepover tonight. I don't know if I will get any writing done today. If I do it won't be writing. It will be editing. I am starting another major edit today of my WIP, Big Chief's Gold (tentative title). I managed 20 pages yesterday and I hope to get that many today, if I get to sit down to it at all.

I am also still thinking of that book idea and I really need to start a new notebook to jot notes into. I think I am going to need a lot of notes. In my head it is a cast of thousands, although most will remain unnamed. I think it would be best that way ;). Also I am thinking the locals will be varied, which is far different than what I normally do and centralize everything. I think it is going to be an interesting project. One that will require a lot of lead time before I start putting fingers to keyboard.

If you want a really interesting read today, head over to EDF and read Aaron's story. I enjoyed it and i think he would to know what you think of it as well.

Have a good Wednesday.


Katey said...

Oooh does that mean this new novel project will require... worldbuilding? Yay my favorite! Sounds like fun :D

Aaron Polson said...

Good luck, Jamie. Hope the back feels better, soon.

Jamie Eyberg said...

Katey- Kind of, I guess. I haven't thought about it that way.

Aaron- my hips are completely out. This really sucks. The chiropractor has done what he can at this point. :P

Cate Gardner said...

Take care of that back, and enjoy the editing (is that possible?)

Fox Lee said...

I've tried keeping notes, but for some reason it only accomplished two things:

1. I forget the idea

2. I forget about the notebook

Danielle Birch said...

Good luck with the story building and I hope the back is okay soon.

K.C. Shaw said...

Cool-sounding project! I hope your back gets better soon. Maybe you should get a jacket like the Lippizanner stallion riders wear while training, with a metal rod sewn up the back so they have to sit up perfectly straight.

Unknown said...

I'm like Natalie - I might as well start hammering away at the keyboard lest I lose it all. But then, I'm the guy who pours himself self a bowl of cereal, puts the milk on the pantry shelf, and leaves the cereal in the refridgerator.

Alexis Grant said...

WIP Wednesday... Made me laugh. But isn't EVERY day WIP day??

Good luck with your edits! I'm jealous -- I love editing more than the writing itself.

Jamie Eyberg said...

Cate- back is doing better, editing is going nowhere.

Nat- I still have notebooks from 15 years ago with notes for stories in them. I just can't read my handwriting anymore.

Danielle- I am going to need all the luck I can get. Thanks.

K.C.- Sitting up straight isn't the problem. The problem is years of abuse on my body doing things other than sitting. :(

Jeremy- I think I have done that myself.

Alexis- I will trade you.

Carrie Harris said...

Dude, is your back better? Don't leave us in suspense here.