Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Just checking in

I really don't have a lot going on. My wife and I have managed to get most of our Christmas shopping done for the kids as of this weekend (just waiting for a couple of things to come out of back-order and to be released). Yesterday I spent most of my day hoping the house wouldn't cave in from the swarm of Asian beetles that the government decided was a good idea to bring into the country a decade ago. For those of you that don't know what I am talking about, they look like ladybugs and they eat soybean aphids which are bad to the soybean crop (although I don't remember them being a problem before). The little dudes will also bite humans and they stink to high heaven when they die. Another brilliant idea from the federal government *this line just drips with sarcasm*.

It would probably make a good horror story, if it weren't true.

So today I am going to be running errands and if I can find a few minutes I will be doing more outlining for my NaNo project.

That is all.


Barry Napier said...

Are those beetles the same as "Stink Bugs"? I HATE those things...

Aaron Polson said...

No Barry. But they do stink. One bit my wife in an apple orchard a few weeks ago.

Aimee: Ouch! I didn't know ladybugs bite.

Me: They don't.

Jeremy D Brooks said...

"We're from the government. We're here to help."

(backs up dump truck full of biting, rancid insects)

Fox Lee said...

Weren't there any non-stinky options?

Cate Gardner said...

What sort of government brings insects into a country? Gulp!

Carrie Harris said...


Way to make me feel unprepared.

Jamie Eyberg said...

Barry- these are different, they look just like lady bugs.

Aaron- exactly!

Jeremy- just another in a long list of things they haven't thought through.

Nat- I don't know, but it reeks when you turn on your vacuum cleaner.

Cate- Apparently the U.S.A. land of the free and home of imported smelly bugs.

Carrie- We usually start about January, a little here and a little there. Before we know it we are up to our armpits in toys. If it makes you feel any better I am not done shopping for anyone else but my kids.

Danielle Birch said...

Isn't that just typical of another insane government idea.

K.C. Shaw said...

Yeah, the government used to plant kudzu all over the south to stop erosion. It worked...very well.

Jamie Eyberg said...

Danielle- I could start a new blog on it if I wanted.

K.C.- good example. I had forgotten about kudzu. Thank god we don't have that around here. I think between the two I would move.