Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tuesday post

I have actually sat here for five minutes trying to come up with an appropriate title for this post and that is all I have come up with. At least it is honest.

First things first. Time to pimp some stories. The Problem with Gnomes is up on 52 Stitches. It is free and it was a blast to write. Go read it if you haven't already. Fate's Hand in Mortal Affairs is now available as well in book form from Pill Hill Press in their antho, The Four Horsemen. This book was supposed to have illustrations to go with the stories but the illustrator suffered a stroke and was unable to finish so it was published without them. I wish the illustrator a speedy recovery.

In other news. My truck decided that after picking up a trailer full of paving bricks (2.5 tons to be exact) would be a good time to have the fuel pump go out on it. I can't blame the truck. It is 14 years old and has 151,000 miles on it. It probably saw all the bricks being loaded and had the mechanical version of a heart attack. I was thankful there was a very nice car dealer just up the road and from the time I called the tow truck to the time they got me back out the door was just under 3.5 hours. Not too bad considering the pump has to go into the gas tank. I think they took pity on a man with his 3 year old kid who was 2 hours from home.

I am very sore after unloading the bricks, with the help of my wife in just under an hour. My back doesn't like me very much, but it never has so why should it start now. I think I am going to go enjoy some reading at this point rather than expend more energy thinking of my own stories today.

Have a great Tuesday!


Barry Napier said...

I thoroughly enjoyed The Problem With Gnomes. Very cool ending. Also, best of luck with the back and the truck!

Katey said...

Ugh on the back-- mine never likes me that much either, but after that it'd be a wreck.

The Four Horsemen sounds really cool, I'll check that out. And as for the gnomes... hehehehehe. (Mmhm, that was a maniacal cackle.)

Aaron Polson said...

I appreciate the honesty of such a title.

Darn gnomes...

Jamie Eyberg said...

Barry, truck is doing great and the back will get better. Thanks for reading the story.

Katey, My whole body doesn't like me much anymore. It is mutual.

Aaron, thanks for publishing it. I had fun writing it. If I would have known how much yard work I was going to do this year (darn well) I may have made them nastier.

Fox Lee said...

You so rarely see gnomes in horror these days. Can't wait to read it!

Danielle Birch said...

Hope the back doesn't give you too much pain, enjoy the reading and beware of those dastardly gnomes.

Jamie Eyberg said...

Nat, The first Hiram Grange book had killer gnomes in it. Very creepy.

Danielle, don't worry about me. :)

Cate Gardner said...

Loved your gnomes, and congrats on the four horsemen.

Your back should get together with my knees and have a good old gripe.