Wednesday, May 5, 2010

not writing

I am still working on my yard and not writing (hence the title of this post). It is progressing quite nicely. The stepping stones have been set and the sand has been compacted (and then the cats decided they had a giant litterbox. Ugh.) and some of the pavers for the patio have been set. I think I can get half of it done this afternoon after my daughter gets home from school and before her t-ball practice. As of right now I have about 2 tons of pavers yet to put into place. It shouldn't take that long.

In the meantime I am editing a novella that I wrote last year and have put away. It was a good thing to put it away for so long. I have fixed a lot of the plot points that were very weak and some of the grammar that I didn't catch the first time as well. It is also going to be longer than the original 25K, but only by a few K. Who knows when I will have it ready to submit. I am venturing no guesses at this point, but I only have about 1/3 of it left to edit and re-write before I am done with this round.

Sorry, nothing new for WIP Wednesday. Maybe next week. :) and maybe I will have pictures of my yard by next week as well.


Katey said...

Editing is totally working on writing! It's harder in so many ways.

Aaron Polson said...

Two tons...ugh.

Reminds me of buidling the boys' sand box. How much sand?

Really, I could use some landscaping when you're done. ;)

Fox Lee said...

Our mower broke three weeks ago. Soon, the lawn will completely take over and I will be unable to leave the house ; )

On the plus side, I'll probably get a lot of writing done.

Jamie Eyberg said...

Katey, and I am not a fan of editing usually, but this one I am not minding a bit.

Aaron- and it is two tons seven pounds at a time. Ugh.

Nat, better get out there with a pair of scissors so the delivery driver can get you the newest KBB videos.

Danielle Birch said...

I think everything is so much clearer when you've put a story away for a while.