Saturday, January 10, 2009

Happy weekend

Well, here we are on a Saturday and I am posting. Heck, just about everyone seems to be posting today so I don't feel so bad.

I have officially sent off my 2012 AD story, Fate's Hand in Mortal Affairs. I am pretty happy the way it ended although I hope it doesn't read like I wanted to finish it quickly and tacked an ending on it. I then got a good start on my Dead Bait story. I have re-used Mr. Calloway and a familiar pond from another story. I call it re-using but he is really just the set-up. We are introduced to him and he is already dead, or presumed so. I will be curious to see how this one plays out on paper.

I know what you are thinking, 'he told us he was only going to work on one short story a month and here it is the 10th and he is on his second short.' You are right, but inspiration struck and I hope future editors can enjoy the moment like I am.

Other than that I am planning a very quiet weekend. My wife ended up working and on call so the only things we will be doing this weekend include getting groceries and going to her companies post Christmas party, at which she will be on call. That should be fun for me if she gets called out in the middle of dinner.

By the way, I really hate the weather people around here. They were calling for snow in NorthEast Iowa, nothing for where I live in West Central Iowa and we got nailed last night with several inches of the white stuff which I will now have to get the snowthrower out for. Darn Weathermaps and their 'predictions.'


K.C. Shaw said...

Good luck on the 2012 story, and that's great that you're already started on the Dead Bait story! Maybe I'll follow your lead and work on another short story this weekend.

Jamie Eyberg said...

I don't know how much I will get done this weekend but I will sure be thinking about how to proceed with the project.

Jeremy D Brooks said...

Hey, gotta strike while the iron's hot. Or something like that.

Fox Lee said...

Snow is gross. I'm glad I moved to a state that seems to repel the stuff!

Jamie Eyberg said...

Jeremy- that is kinda my theory.

Nat- don't you get all the icky ice?

Aaron Polson said...

Hooray for snow. Boo for bad predictions.

Good luck with 2012.

Cate Gardner said...

Love that title.

I claimed I would be a one short story a month girl in 2009 and like you, I've already fallen off the wagon. :)

BT said...

Good on the productivity burst. Sorry about the snow. I haven't seen snow since I was 2 and my folks took me to England. Haven't seen a day colder than about 6C or a morning much below -1.

And tomorrow's forecast here is for 41C - should be pleasant.