Monday, December 15, 2008

New story up

First off, I want to thank Cindy Crosmus over at Yellow Mama for accepting my short piece Fire and Brimstone. It is up and available for anyone that wants to read it now.

My contest, not much of a contest more of a drawing, is still going and I want to thank everyone for the reading suggestions. (By the way Aaron, The Things they Carried is an awesome story. I have it in an anthology somewhere. I had almost forgotten about it.) Post your entry here.

I also want everyone to read Cate and Aaron's posts about snarkyness in the writing community, that is, if you haven't already read them. They are very honest about this very real problem in our very small communty.

Now that business is taken care of, my plans for the week involve editing my entry for the Devil's Food Anthology, Mr. Calloway's Dirt Farm. I hope that after re-reading it, it sounds as good as I remember writing it (They rarely do but I can still hope). I am still working on my NaNo book (yes I realize that NaNo has been over for a couple of weeks now but I am fleshing the story out) and I hope to bring it closer to done every day although I have cut my daily production on it in half or more (750 to 1000 words a day instead of 2000-2500) I am still enjoying writing it and I can see the end in sight.

In case any of you missed the post, Tim Deal over at Shroud publications has been socked by the ice storm that made N.H. an iceball and some things are going to be delayed until they get power back. I told him in a comment post that it reminded me of October 1991 when Iowa was nailed by a major ice storm. I was working at a grocery store at the time and it started as all ice storms do, with rain. Soon it changed over to ice and we stood at the back door of the store and listened to trees break under the weight of the ice. It sounded like rifle shots going off. soon the power was out and we were handing out flashlights to customers with markers so they could mark the price of the groceries on whatever they were buying. It was nuts but me and one of my buddies Jared Rickabaugh had a blast. He had a Ford Festiva and we went sliding through town in that thing. If it slid off the road into the ditch I just got out and pushed us out and we would do it all over again. good times. Great memories, althought they actually called off Halloween that year. some people didn't get power back for almost a month but my families house was only out for seven days.

Talk at you all later, this concludes another issue of Jamie's storytime.


Aaron Polson said...

I read "Fire and Brimstone" last night after Cindy sent out the Yellow Mama #11 notice.

Nice story--I like the pacing and deliberate reveal of Daniel's personality, the sorrow, loss, etc.

Cate Gardner said...

Ice storm - brr! I'd never heard of one of those before - it is conjuring up all sorts of mental images.

Ah! Like the pastor I love the smell of things burning - though my hair is definitely combustable.

Jeremy D Brooks said...

Good story, Jamie. Nice use (couldn't think of a better word, so I made one up)(Word of the Day 12/15/08!).

Jamie Eyberg said...

I am really enjoying that little 'zine. She picks some nicely haunting stories, either that or people just send her that type I haven't decided.

olfactorizations: I have to use that in a story sometime. ;)

Rob Brooks said...

Good story. You made a good character out of Daniel. That's something I struggle with most.

Too bad about the ice storm, and Shroud. I've got a story out with them that I can't wait to hear back on.

Fox Lee said...

The whole supermarket things reminds me of the "Mist" only with different weather.

BT said...

Good story Jamie - enjoyed it.

I had the same thoughts as Nat with the ice storm and Mist.