Wednesday, December 10, 2008

nothing but fun

I love it when a seemingly good story comes together. Granted "Mr. Calloway's Dirt Farm" isn't finished yet but I really like where it is going. I just hope that the Devil's Food people like it as much as I have enjoyed working on it. I can honestly say it doesn't seem like work. I am taking my time with it to be sure. I have worked on it all week and I started last week and I am only 2800 words into it. I am not sure how many I will have in it when I wrap it up. It is just taking its time and, as I said earlier, I am pleased so far.

The Apex Digest raffle ends today. They have some really kick butt stuff in there and you too can have a chance at for only a dollar each. they have said that the tickets have been going very s-l-o-w so your chances of winning are better than they should be.

I am pleased to say that I think, kinda, like Carrie Harris at least when it comes to which celebrity is which creature (can we really say that Paul Rubens is a celebrity? At least he was in a Tim Burton film.)

Oh, and I forgot to caption the picture I posted yesterday. It was taken earlier this year about three miles from my house from the window of my van on a gravel road. It was a family drive to look at the fall colors. I thought it turned out rather well.


Aaron Polson said...

I like the story title--do people take "dirt naps" at the "dirt farm"? Heh.

Jamie Eyberg said...

Actually, I thought I might send it your way when I was done with it to see what you think.

Fox Lee said...

I'm hoping to squeeze a story in for that anthology this week. I finally realized how little time I have to write this month, thanks to Christmas : P

Carrie Harris said...

Ooooh. I get my own label and everything. I feel insanely flattered. :)

Aaron Polson said...

I'd be happy to give it a look.