Monday, April 6, 2009

Good day to stay in and write

It snowed here yesterday, not just a little bit of light fluffy snow, it was a driving, sandblast your face off snow with a wind that would push you sideways across the sidewalk without your feet moving snow. Luckily it is April in Iowa so it will be gone by Wednesday (all except that two foot drift just north of the house.) BTW- the boys b-day party went well, we had 8 kids running through the house on Saturday. It was fun. Nothing got broken. thank you for the b-day wishes for the boy. He looked at me funny every time I mentioned a name he didn't recognize.

I am looking forward to push through edits today. I have a clear mind and a fresh outlook on the week. It will be a short week, I can't dilly-dally around, my kid has Spring break and the wife has vacation time as well.

I was shocked this weekend, I expected a flurry of activity in my inbox from editors telling me my writing sucked and that I would better spend my time scraping gum from the bottom of bleachers and not to bother them again, but I only got one rejection. Not that I'm complaining about only getting one rejection.

Here is to a happy Monday (is there such a creature?), Good luck.


Cate Gardner said...

Snow in April should be banned. We're still getting March winds here.

Aaron Polson said...

No snow here, but we only expect a high of 40. Yuck-o. Where are my April showers? (i.e., gentle Spring rains)

Jamie Eyberg said...

Cate- It felt like January here yesterday.

Aaron- Sadly, it was still raining at 4 Sunday morning when I got to bed. by 7 it was white outside. :(

Fox Lee said...

Snowed here too. WTF?

Jameson T. Caine said...

What's this snow you guys keep talking about? :)

Jamie Eyberg said...

Nat- I agree- WTF!

Jameson- come on over, half of it is gone now but I still have enough for a good iceball fight. :P