Monday, April 20, 2009

things I know

I am always telling people that I know a little about a lot of things and not a lot about any one thing in particular. This, for the most part, is true. I am a generalist. Play Trivial Pursuit with me and you will find out. I do like to think I know more than most in certain categories.

I consider myself to be well versed in Tools (the kind you would build a house with) and all things construction. That comes from almost 20 years experience. I also like to think I know a thing or two about motorcycles, although my knowledge seems to stop at about 1995. Anything before that and I could probably answer your question. Billiards is a hobby of mine that I have worked on for the last 15 years, I can successfully masse a cue ball to make a shot if I need to, although my jump-shot stinks. The last thing I know a few things about, more than most, unless they were in the military or work in a place that sells them are guns. This comes in handy when putting together a military approach to getting rid of zombies or what my character is holstering when walking down the street in my latest hardboiled adventure.

I am happy to put myself out there as a walking reference for these topics if anyone has any questions.

Now, I wonder what you consider yourself to be knowledgeable in.


K.C. Shaw said...

I'm an expert in failing to stop this stupid fax machine from redialing the wrong number no matter how many times I tell it to stop. Grrr.

Er, anyway, I don't know if I'd call myself an expert but I do know a thing or two about sheep, goats, shearing, preparing wool/fiber for spinning, handspinning wool and other fibers, knitting, and crocheting badly. So if you ever need to know the difference between the Australian and the Mexican method of shearing, I'm the one to ask! Just don't ask me about this fax machine.

Cate Gardner said...

I suddenly feel like the dunce and the one everyone points at on Mastermind when the contestant says, 'My special subject is Buffy the Vampire Slayer'... I swear that's about all I could help anyone out on.

I used to know alot about movies and Tudor history but it's all washed away with time.

Aaron Polson said... saved my chestnuts with the Sawzall.

Me? Um...I can recite the Kansas State Reading Standards for High School.


Fox Lee said...

Silly songs to sing to flatulent pugs.

That's pretty much it. Though I supppose I know more about Hong Kong culture and Korean Boy Bands than the average american.

Jamie Eyberg said...

i don't think any of you are giving yourselves the credit you so richly deserves.

Jeremy D Brooks said...

I'm kind of a random deep-diver...I get hung up on a topic and will try and learn a bunch of stuff about it, and then move on; which means I know a little about random things like bodybuilding nutrition, special effects, western history, and Curt Cobain; and I know more than any human should about credit card processing (but I get paid to know that); and, seven years in business school and eleven years in banking taught me a thing or two about business; but, for most things people seem to know a lot about: sports, TV, wine, cars...I know f**k-all about.

And my wife is into economics and politics, so she keeps me up on that stuff. Other than that, I'm a totally boring conversationalist.

I may need your help on my Halloween project...I'm building some props, and I kind of suck at building things that have to, you know, line up and work properly. Coffins, servo-controlled props, etc...

Jameson T. Caine said...

I'm good at general (sorry Aaron). I do good at Jeopardy, but I have never studied any particular subject to any degree other than for fun on my own. I love science and history so tend to do better at that sort of thing. Being a truck driver for the last 12 years, I know a thing or two about big rigs and the trucking industry, but don't live and breathe it like some of my coworkers do. However, I am a walking Star Trek encyclopedia. In fact, my head is crammed with useless knowledge spanning all areas of genre entertainment. Too bad there aren't many good paying jobs out there for folks who know Captain Picard's mother's maiden name off the top of their heads (Gessard BTW).

Danielle Birch said...

Not a lot, now that I sit down to think about it...maybe a bit of a movie buff...I watched Pulp Fiction so many times I could practically recite the script.

BT said...

Funny how we're all writers of dark fiction and no one owns up to having knowledge on vampires, werewolves, zombies, etc.

We are all also writers who tend to be excellent observers of human nature. We know people and how they react. How else can we write believable stories? We are students of life.

My dad was prepping me to take over the family business way back when, and he said to me that a good manager needed to have a broad life experience. He suggested I never stay in one job for very long when I was young. I should move around and end up with a lot of general skills and a wide experience in dealing with lots of different people.

Well the family business was sold shortly before he passed away back in 1999 so all my experience ended up being funneled into my writing instead.

Like Jamie, I'm a generalist. I'm also good at Trivial Pursuit and those types of quiz games. I love quiz nights. I've been a student, a nurse, a quality control guy at a tyre factory, a line manager in extrusion, an upholsterer, a delivery driver, a courier, a computer administrator, an usher, a bouncer, a drive-through bottle attendant, a barman, a sales assistant, a soldier, a friend, a lover, a father, a fighter, a thespian, a student of history and the sciences, a professional sportsman, an amateur cricketer, a fisherman, a published short story writer, and a freelance article writer. And no doubt much more besides - but this post is getting long enough...I have more knowledge in some areas than I do in others, but the Internet is a wonderful leveler.

A Sawzall - so that's what you were trying to say. I've never heard of one - hence my interpretation of the sentence - sorry about that.

Carrie Harris said...

Lately, I've been the go-to person for battle tactics and medical questions. This may or may not have something to do with the whole study-of-ninjutsu/managed-a-medical-lab thing.

I'm going to break the mold, though, and say that I know way more about zombies and vampires than the average bear.

Jamie Eyberg said...

Jeremy- shoot me an e-mail any time and I will try to answer your questions (although i am not sure of the servo's.)

Jameson- self study is the only way to go if you are going to go into anything.

Danielle- movie buff is a good thing in this business. A lot of plot lines to pick from, and some to avoid at all costs.

BT- someone once told me, 'if you can say three facts about any subject in your writing people will consider you an expert.' It sounds like you have a trove of facts to go with.
BTW, we have a couch that the dog scratched up. With your upholstery experience my wife says you are welcome to come over any time.

Carrie- I have no doubt you are a leading world authority on such things. As well as things that Sparkle. ;)