Thursday, July 1, 2010

June in a Nutshell

This is going to be an easy one. I wrote zero new stories and aside from a hold on one story I didn't hear squat about any of my short stories. I am sensing a trend here.

Here is how my short story numbers look. I have 7 shorts out right now. They have been out for 465, 151, 147, 119, 92, 85, and 57 days. I haven't gotten an acceptance or a rejection since May 4. I would think with that many stories out I should have heard more than I have. I am about to give up on the 465 (and I would if it wasn't such a good market and I didn't already know they had ridiculously long wait times. What was I thinking?) Most of the rest of them I fully expect to hear back from before the end of July.

Of course, that is what I said about them in June. I think the Summer is just a slow time of the year and beer and barbecue grills beckon them more than a fistful of slush. Having read slush in my earlier days I don't blame them. It is hard work and they deserve a summer off as well. I know I have spent more time with my tomatoes and working on my house than I have with my writing this Summer. So be it.

I hope those of us in the States enjoy your Independence Day holiday and to the rest of you enjoy your weekend. I am outta here, unless I hear some spectacular news in the interim. ;)


Fox Lee said...

Summer is a hard time to lock yourself away over a pile of anything, but it slush or ingredients for dinner. Even writing is harder, what with all the sunshine and merriment. It's hard to write about a serial killer, and then hear an icecream truck go by ; )

Katey said...

Summer is a good time to refill the tank. And plant tomatoes. God, I love tomatoes.

Happy 4th to you and the family!

Jamie Eyberg said...

Nat, I think ice cream trucks and serial killers go hand in hand. :0

Katey, Happy 4th to you as well. Now, go celebrate our nation by blowing up a small portion of it with Chinese made fireworks.

Danielle Birch said...

Those are some long turnarounds. Here's hoping you get some joy soon. Have a great weekend.

Jamie Eyberg said...

Danielle, I am pretty sure this happens to me every summer. It doesn't sound like I am alone in this either.

K.C. Shaw said...

Your June sounds like my entire 2010 so far. I hope you get some good news soon, especially for that story that's been out 400+ days. That's crazy!

Happy 4th!

Jamie Eyberg said...

K.C., sadly I don't expect to hear back from that one (if ever) until the 600+ mark goes by. Here is to good news to both of us in the near future.