Monday, August 18, 2008

Another week in the life

I feel guilty. I haven't written in almost a week and this week doesn't look much better. My wife is home on vacation, and in between jobs right now and I have a hard time doing anything at the computer with her around. I can live with that distraction though.

Got a really nice rejection this weekend. I didn't feel bad about it. They are a startup magazine and how was I to know that it wasn't the type of story they were looking for. Although the editor did say he liked it. He could have just been being nice.

Have been working around the house like a madman. Hanging doors, weeding the garden (I really don't know how they got that tall, I swear I just pulled them all out not that long ago!), finishing the columns for my porch, ect. Someday my house will be finished and then I will be bored.

Have to go now, the van we just bought needs to go into the shop for an electrical issue on the locks.

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