Friday, October 17, 2008

Gee, the deer are active at 4 in the morning

My boy, I don't know if he is cutting teeth or what but he decided we needed to go for a drive last night from 3 to 4:30 this morning. Did manage to fill the van up with gas and saw a lot of nice deer that I hope I see again during hunting season this year. Probably won't but it was a good scouting.

I will probably need to have at least a pot of coffee in me before I start the creative writing thing this morning, and surprise surprise, the boy is not up yet. I might have to go wake him before it gets too much later so he will take his afternoon nap.

I had a bunch of witty things to say in this mornings blog but alas they have gone from my mind at this moment. I would like to leave everyone with a little cartoon and tune from one of my favorite bands.


Aaron Polson said...

Just glad you didn't hit any. Yikes. I've tagged two deer in the past (with my car...) No fun.

Jamie Eyberg said...

I've tagged a couple in my life. That is one of the reasons I am hunting 'Bambi' this year. That and I think they are tasty.

Carrie Harris said...

Yeah, my old roommate hit a huge buck in his little hatchback. It looked like someone dropped a boulder on his car. And then some guy with only two teeth drove by and said, "Yuh gonna eat that?" and took the deer away. What did he think roommate was going to do, tie the deer to his HATCHBACK?

Jamie Eyberg said...

Carrie- Someone did that with a deer that had been hit in front of my house. The deer had been there just shy of a week and someone cut the flanks out of it. I wondered where the hell I had moved to-Hillbilly hell?