Monday, October 20, 2008

Halfway there

Okay, so the month is over halfway done and I have only heard back from two editors this month, three if you count the update from Kate Sanger at From the Asylum. This weekend I heard from Susurrus that they didn't want my short, The Glass Jar. Not a big deal. I half expected it (I figured I had a 50/50 chance there). I rewrote it and sent it off to Clockwork Phoenix. We will see what Mr. Allen wants to do with it.

did manage to push the 10,000 word limit on my book re-write. That was exciting to me. Although it will be better when I get to the done part of the rewrite. That will be more exciting. It is looking like I will not be finished with it before NaNo but I am okay with that. I know it will get finished and, while I am going to work diligently on it, I am not going to rush it either. I don't feel like making extra work out of it if I don't have to. I know there are several more re-writes but I don't want them to be as extensive as this one.

Hope everyone had a good weekend and congrats to Cate and Aaron for their acceptances at Postscripts and Kalidotrope respectively. They are both wonderful publications and may they both go on to win major awards for their efforts. (really, I am rooting for you!)

Off to plug away on a book.


Cate Gardner said...

Cheers :)

I'm still waiting to here if I did or didn't make it into the From the Asylum anthology. My fingers are chewed away.

Fingers crossed at least one of us makes it into Clockwork Phoenix.

Jamie Eyberg said...

Good luck to you as well. But today we are both winners. I can't wait to read 'Tainted' (yet another book to weigh down my nightstand.)

Aaron Polson said...

It's a slim volume, so it shouldn't break any furniture. Best of luck with the Phoenix.

Jamie Eyberg said...

Aaron- it is kind of a 'straw and camel back' approach to reading. Eventually it will give. I just have to get enough paper on it. (The desk is at least 175 years old.)

Carrie Harris said...

Man, the month is halfway over already? Something tells me I'm not going to finish the first draft of the WIP like I was hoping. Drat.

Anyway, good luck with that resubmit!