Monday, October 6, 2008

Off to a roaring start

It is officially six days into October, and although the day is not yet over I really don't expect anything in my mailbox today. Yesterday I did receive my first rejection of the month. It was nice polite and to the point. It was also from Hobart for my story Open Graves which, despite its title, is a literary piece with absolutely nothing supernatural about it. I still like the story and will continue to try to find a nice home for it.

Now despite what I told myself about reading My Side of the Mountain I am reading a Robert Bloch pulp about a one eyed private eye trying to solve a murder in Hollywood from Hard Case Crime. Can't remember the name of the story but if I were to walk across my house and look on my nightstand I could tell you.

Hope everyone's weekend went well. Mine did, got a lot of stuff done around the house, installing lights and trim around windows. Changing oil. All good stuff. not any writing though. That should change today.


Fox Lee said...

My writing has hit a lull as well. I think it's the weather. Fall is always distracting!

Rob Brooks said...

Good luck placing the lit story! I've got one as well that has a spec fic-type title ("My Brother's Ghost"). Do you think having a spec fic title, and submitting it to a lit magazine, automatically prejudices the editors against it without even readign it?

Jamie Eyberg said...

Nat- I had such a good summer too!

Rob- I don't think so. I was a reader at a lit mag. I rarely read the title first. It was the opening paragraph that had to hook me.

Carrie Harris said...

Yeah, no luck with the writing this weekend on my end either. Spent too much time running around to events and taking care of sick children. I need a time machine. Badly.

Hope this week is better for the both of us!