Monday, September 8, 2008

I'm an uncle again

I just received word that my sister has given birth to a girl, Lannah. I am excited but I will have to wait to meet her for three weeks. Just the way it goes.

It was fun to read everyone's first lines. It was a fun project, although I did have to dig through the filing cabinet to find them all. It becomes hard when I only started writing again last July and I have written two books in that time, although they are rough drafts and have a third novel half finished sitting in a file where it will probably die a slow death. Yes, I must admit that I didn't have time in the ten years from getting a degree in fiction writing (yes they do offer that at some places) to do much else than jot ideas down and file them away, getting to do little more with them than let them grow or die in the plain manila folder they were relegated to. But now that I have kids and naptime avails me I have had much more time to sit and relax, be contemplative and grow the ideas that once were mere seeds of words on scraps of paper.

I have to take the kid to the doctor now, hopefully he can figure out why my kid is only letting me sleep a couple of hours a night.