Thursday, September 18, 2008

Indecent exposure

Not what it sounds like but I got your attention. I have had in mind for awhile a collection of short stories and since flash fiction seems to be my strong suit I want to call the collection. Indecent Exposure: flash fiction and other indiscretions. I thought it sounded like a cool title, witty at first and kind of a groaner as you keep reading it.

Now what I started to write about in the first place, (darn a.d.d., not really but it sounds better than just being off-track for most of my life) I wrote a nice (I don't know if I would really call it nice so much as I don't know. Hopefully an editor will pick it up and you can decide for yourself) piece about a man who who hadn't slept for months. Literally no sleep and the madness that ensued. I managed to get it into 570 words and I think it came out pretty well, especially after the edits. (I find I don't usually need to put as much work into edits on my shorter pieces. There is less to go wrong with them)

Anyway, it came up as a very short story and was sent off to a market that will hopefully think that my effort is worth reading. It was the first story that I have come up with this month and I must say that I liked doing it.

Now. . .what can I come up with for tomorrow?

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