Wednesday, September 3, 2008


It is official. I have three stories that have been out for at least 200 days, with another one edging in on it quickly. I am currently waiting for responses from Crazyhorse(I am pretty excited that they have held my piece this long at 253 days), Another Sky press, and From the Asylum (just hit the 200 day mark today). In another two weeks we can add Black Ink Horror to that list.

Worked on my children's novel yesterday afternoon, I am still breaking it up into usable chapters so I can conquer it on small piece at a time. I might be able to finish that project today.

The boy is waking up, better go get him.


Cate Gardner said...

I've had one out with From the Asylum for about 150 days and one other market for nearer 300. :(

What age group is your children's novel aimed at? I write MG - 8 to 12.

Jamie Eyberg said...

Yeah, I am not too worried about the whole number of days really. I used to read for The Nebraska Review (man that will make you feel good about what you are sending out) andI know it takes a little while.

I will write for any age group but this book is aimed at the 8-12 set.
The next one I have in mind is a political thriller. I am thinking November I might hash it out.

J.C. Tabler said...

See, I googled myself and found your blog! I admit it, I'm vain.

Anyhow, my two bits are as follows...

I have a story out with McSweeneys at 220 days, one at the New Yorker with 133 days, and one at Saint Ann's at 105 days. I recently received a rejection for a story sent out in January. I'm getting used to this sitting around stuff, now if I can just find the time to transfer my notebook images to full-length stories...

...of course, three kids and a full-time job kinda of distracts the body. Oh well, I'm starting to keep the laptop by my bed so, late at night when comforting a squalling infant, I can get some work done.

Like the blog, by the way!

Jamie Eyberg said...

Thanks J.C.

Yeah, I have had a lot of stories out over 100 days, no problem but they start getting over 200 and I just wonder what the heck is going on. I just had ploughshares reject one at 212 and one story had one for 190 days before I got a 'jection on it. Just gotta keep plugging on.

To the the story portfolio to edit some more!