Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Like I had nothing else to do today.

Had to run to Omaha today. yes the one in Nebraska to pick up a window I had ordered for my mother-in-law's place. It is the second time, since they screwed up the window order the first time. Had a good time. Took my boy out to eat (he made a mess at The Spaghetti Works but at least he didn't have sauce on him. I have a nice olive oil stain on my shirt however.) then I took him to the Bass Pro Shop because he can get up close and personal to the dead animals they have all over the place. He liked it.

Now I am back home. I should be working on re-writes but the inspiration for the day has passed. Maybe I will get twice as much done tomorrow. LOL;)

Oh and in response to a couple of posts that were out today.
1. Aaron- I think you have a pretty good support crew in most of us out here in blogger world. go ahead and use us for NaNoWriMo.
2. Cathrine- I would e-mail Cathy over at Potters Field and ask about your story. It is unusual that it has been out for a month in that market. She will understand, it is in her guidelines to email her after two weeks.

can't think of anything else.


Fox Lee said...

No fair. Now I want pasta, but have no immediate access to it.

PS: I get stuff on my shirt all the time. Ying tells me to just buy two of the tops I like, since so many are destined to be ruined ; )

Jamie Eyberg said...

I had the Hot Naked which is what stained my shirt and then I polished off a plate of beer cheese sauce. It was delicious.;)

Cate Gardner said...

Ooh, I didn't realise that her guidelines stated to email if you haven't heard within 2 weeks. Now I'm itching to get home from work so that I can query. Thanks for that.

Jamie Eyberg said...

Yeah, Potters Field has the fastest claimed turnaround time of any market I have ever seen. You know how it is usually give us three months and then they do it in a day. Potters Field is two weeks. They must really keep up with the slush pile is all I have to say.

Carrie Harris said...

You made it through a pasta dinner without getting sauce all over your kid? How did you do it, wrap him in plastic wrap? ;)

Jamie Eyberg said...

because Brendan is only 17 months old I order his pasta plain and sprinkle cheese on it. he was more interested in the decor and what was on my plate anyway.