Monday, November 24, 2008

Apex raffle

I have known for a couple of weeks that Apex is having a raffle. I just found out that the raffle isn't going all that well. What that means for you is that you have the chance (and the fewer people who are involved the better for you anyway, bad for Apex and the charity they are donating 10% of the proceeds to) Anyway the link to the raffle stuff is HERE. I just signed myself up for an ARC of a Robert Bloch book, American Gothic. I am hoping but if I don't win, not a big deal. Not much cash and for a worthy cause.

Now if you haven't read my earlier post for the day, go ahead and read it, I've got to get typing.


Jeremy D Brooks said...

Thanks for the heads-up...I'm in for some of that critical reading.

Jamie Eyberg said...

I like the idea of it myself. and really for a chance at it they are really cheap. Your chances are way better than with the state lotteries.