Thursday, November 20, 2008

The view from here is incredible

I just wanted to post a picture that I took from my front door the other day. It is much like the view from my back door. Only the backdoor picture would have more deer and trees and less road and barn. For those of you who are from the city, that big green machine is a John Deere Combine. A combine is used to harvest crops, in this case corn. the Blue thing behind him, just behind the barn that fell over this summer, is a new holland tractor with a grain wagon in tow. There was actually another combine in the field but I couldn't get both of them in the shot. The other one ran right in front and off to the side so they could harvest about sixty feet of grain at at one time. (both of the combines have 30 foot head on them)

Okay, enough of the farm report.

I am also sorry for the post I put up yesterday. I read it again today and it made me sound conceited and I consider myself to be much more self-deprecating. It was a tiring day and, other than the first day of the month where I received my only acceptance it has been a miserable month. I am just hoping the month goes out like it came in. with good news. (It has gotten so bad that I have had one story rejected multiple times in the same week and I am not even sim subbing it!)

hope everyone's day is going spectacular. May we all write about 15000 words of phenomenal material that doesn't need any editing (speaking of that I hope that Dark Jesters is still accepting subs because I had a gruesomely funny thought last night right before bed. I had better write this down before I forget it.)

Later and if I ever find the pictures of the deer that frequent my back yard I will post them. Hunting season is almost upon us and I don't know how much longer they will last. (No, I will probably not shoot a deer out of my own backyard for my children to see. I will go to the timber preserve across the road where they can't see. )


Rob Brooks said...

I bet your son loves it there--we have a few corn fields around as as well, and my boys love it when they're harvesting. But then, they also love watching the garbage truck. And school busses.

Dark Jesters is open till November 30, it looks like. But there are always markets for morbid humor.

Cate Gardner said...

I thought the combine was an evil machine that killed the barn. :)

Jamie Eyberg said...

Rob- we all like where we live. nice and quiet for the most part.

Cate- It would have been more interesting. I was outside when that barn fell over and I didn't even hear it.

Fox Lee said...

I like caribou burgers. Go get one of those : )

Jamie Eyberg said...

Regrettably, the only time we get reindeer around here is when Santa goes through and those buggers are tricky (although Rudolph makes for pretty easy pickings at night) :)

Aaron Polson said...

Love that view, and the farm report. Reminds me soooo much of my youth.

Carrie Harris said...

Is that barn about five inches tall, or is that the perspective? :)