Friday, November 28, 2008

As I write this a lot of vodka has gone through my system

The title of this blog says a lot. I am trying to get through the dreaded stomach flu bug that is seeming to go through my family at this time. (my wife and son have had it so far, i am waiting for my daughter and I to catch it next.)

I don't know if this even is coherent at this point, and I have just gotten started. I am also worried that Felicity is thinking of abandoning us and going to Livejournal (where I don't even know her i.p. address)

I should start on another story. Either that or I should finish reading the book that I am working on. (i am not really working on it, it has been a joy to read actually. Tainted, edited by Aaron Polson. you all should pick it up if you haven't read it yet. I will write a review when I am done with it)

I really suppose I should try and get some sleep at this point. The vodka is starting to speak to me and it is telling me to see what the scores for the football games of the day are.



Cate Gardner said...

I hope your family are feeling better - I'm trying not to pass my germs onto mine.

Felicity Dowker said...

Heh. I'm flattered your vodka-hazed mind thought of me, Jamie. Don't worry, I'll be on Blogger for a while to come - and if/when I relocate for good to LiveJournal, I'll leave an easy to follow digital trail for anyone who cares to keep reading me. Can't get rid of me that easy. ;o)

Hope the stomach flu leaves you and your family alone soon. Those bugs can be really nasty.

Jamie Eyberg said...

That post was way more coherent than I thought it might be. Everyone else is feeling fine at this point. didn't get to watch the football scores or finish reading the book (although I did read couple of really good stories) I amazed I'm not even hung over because i don't normally do stuff like that to my body.

Aaron Polson said...

Maybe the vodka killed the flu germs...could be?

Jamie Eyberg said...

Aaron, that is actually my hope. So far it has worked but I don't know how to keep my six year old from getting the bug. guess she'll have to fend for herself.