Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy birthday Dad!

I know that my father won't read this. He doesn't know the web address but if he ever looks up his own name Bill Eyberg turns the big 60 today. I hope he has a happy birthday down there in Tabor, Iowa.

Now, down to some serious business. The business that I was actually going to discuss yesterday. Writing habits. I am not talking about dressing up like a nun and sitting in front of a typewriter waiting for divine intervention, although that would be fun. I am talking about little things we all do although none of them are the same.

I for example like to dress up like a nun and sit in front of a typewriter, scratch that thought. I really don't do that but I do like to work without a radio but with the laundry going on in the background while I sit at a small desk in my bedroom away from my office space. I don't know why I am much more prone to write like that but I am. I also like to have a glass or cup of something to drink at the ready. All the time. So I will brew a pot of coffee usually or have a pitcher sized glass of water at the ready. Soda doesn't work for me. I don't know why. Beer doesn't work either, although that doesn't stop me from trying, especially late in the afternoon when I am working on my blog post for the next day.

Latest NaNo count, 20,050 and rising. Still on track to finish. Still like where the story is going. Still am not going to post it for anyone to read until I have edited it. Sorry, I can't write flowery prose like Cate on my first draft. I save flowery stuff for my second drafts. Speaking of drafts I have one, ice cold and full of foamy goodness, waiting for me so until next time, later.


Carrie Harris said...

I have this hilarious mental picture of you in a habit now. Just wanted to tell you.

And happy birthday to your dad.

Jamie Eyberg said...

I'd have put up pictures, if any actually existed. And they don't.

I'll tell him for you.

Cate Gardner said...

YAY! I can't believe how well we are all doing.

My family are going to find a dehydrated husk typing away at the computer one day, I always forget to bring a drink with me and it's such a long, long way downstairs. :)

I paint the picture for about the first five pages, after that it's undown hill and like a bare sketch.

Jamie Eyberg said...

Cate- I still marvel at your way with words. Loved the golf story. What a twilight zone ending. I loved it.

Cate Gardner said...

Cheers, Jamie. And thanks for taking the time to read it during this hectic NaNo month.

Fox Lee said...

Food and open liquids aren't allowed in my office. I would forget they were there and knock them over.

Aaron Polson said...

Happy birthday to your pops. I'm sure your first drafts are better than you think. I'm always shocked when I read them after a rest...who wrote that?,

K.C. Shaw said...

Happy birthday, Bill's dad!

I like to type on my laptop while lying on my side in bed, sort of like the ancient Romans did. Only they were having orgies and I'm just writing bad prose.

Rob Brooks said...

I need a Diet Coke with me while I write. I've tried playing music, too, but it usually ends up distracting me, so I write in silence. Oh, and I absolutely HAVE to have two toddlers pulling my arms and pants in multiple directions.